Gretchen Van Ness for

State Representative Suffolk 14th



I am ready to get to work!

The “blue wave” that swept last month’s elections continues to gather force and I am convinced that a progressive Democratic candidate can win in the 14th Suffolk District next November.  With your help, I will be that candidate.

Many of you know me as a lawyer or political activist.  What you may not know about me is that:

•  As President of the Women’s Bar Association of Massachusetts, I worked to protect legal services and coordinated the Equal Marriage Task Force.  As clerk to the Chairman of the U.S. Sentencing Commission, I assisted in reporting to Congress on racial disparities in federal sentencing.  As Staff Attorney to the First Circuit Court of Appeals, my recommendations in prisoners' rights appeals led to changes in the law.

• As one of Boston’s leading civil rights attorneys, I have appeared before every court in Massachusetts as well as the U.S. Supreme Court.  I also recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages for my clients in numerous sex, race, age, disability, and sexual orientation discrimination cases.  My social justice work has taken me to City Hall, the State House, the U.S.Capital and Congress, and to the streets more times than I can count.

• As a Board Member and President of the Board of Directors of Hyde Jackson Square Main Street, I spearheaded the successful effort to recover embezzled monies and led the subsequent rebuilding of that organization, which continues to grow and serve Jamaica Plain today.

• I have been chosen as a Facilitator for the upcoming Dialogues to Action, part of the Mayor’s Resilient Boston project to uproot racism in our City.

• I am a proud member of the EmergeMA Class of 2017, the Massachusetts program that trains progressive  Democratic women to run for public office — and win!






Representing YOU!


Hyde Park, Roslindale and West Roxbury face enormous economic pressures that are driving up the cost of home ownership and displacing families and long-time residents.  Developers are snapping up older homes, open space is disappearing, and the Zoning Code that is meant to protect our communities is not uniformly enforced.  Change is inevitable but development must proceed in partnership, not conflict, with current residents.  I will work to ensure that residents have a place at the table, that their voices are heard, and that our Zoning Code works as intended for everyone.



Hyde Park, Roslindale and West Roxbury are served by public schools that are inadequately funded and understaffed.  Bostonians invented public education and we can and must reinvent it for the next century.   Some of the greatest innovators in education and finance are right here in Massachusetts and we have a powerful City Council committed to improving our schools.  I will work with these innovators and leaders to ensure the best possible public schools for our kids.



Hyde Park, Roslindale and West Roxbury are experiencing increased economic disparity.  By working together to raise the minimum wage in Massachusetts, improve and expand mass transit, reform the criminal justice system, and enact single payer health care, we will create stronger communities and a brighter future for both the 14th Suffolk District and all of the people of Massachusetts. I will be a progressive leader in this work.




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